Who Killed September Falls?

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Who Killed September Falls? Author: Annette J Beveridge


When I first started writing my novel, I knew instinctively that it was going to be more than a murder mystery, it was going to be written with emotion and depth. We always talk about people falling in love and yet, there are so many types of love. The ethos of this novel is about friendship, a very deep friendship that goes beyond the grave. So, if you enjoy reading about depth of character and you yearn to pick up a book that makes you feel as if you are experiencing the emotional highs and lows for yourself, you need to read this book.


I’ve always been drawn to murder mysteries so it made sense for me to write one myself. Who Killed September Falls is the first novel in a series but I have created other shorter stories in the series to enjoy too. The death is shocking but not gruesome. It sets the perfect sinister scene for the story to unfold so that shock waves ripple throughout affecting all.


Imagine someone watching your every move….you catch a glimpse of that person in the shadows, you blink and they have gone. This is the backstory leading to September’s death. Someone watched her, knew her every move and eventually, moved in for the kill.


Everyone loves secrets. Everyone except Arianne Tawnison who is the best friend left behind and who is struggling to cope with the tragic loss. As a journalist, Arianne decides to try to unravel her best friend’s movements in the final days and meets those who had become a part of September’s life towards the end. One of these people could be the murderer but as Arianne digs deeper into these friendships, she finds some incredibly disturbing news.


The novel is set in my hometown of Salisbury, Wiltshire. Steeped in history, it provided the perfect medieval playground dominated by the stern and commanding silhouette of Salisbury Cathedral. In the shadow of the spire, Arianne and September’s friendship began to foster. I then moved the setting to a place I lived in France. Glorious Ceret, nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains. Experience the vastness of this corner of France, the setting, the people and how this quaint town could play host to such a devious murder. Novel - Who Killed September Falls?


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