The Five Musketeers

5 Reasons to Read

The Five Musketeers – Pierre Chevalier

An amazing action adventure story bringing the Musketeers back to life…only now, there is five of them. Danger, secrets and lies……


The better swordsman is… a woman (or soon will be)


How does one stay alive in 1654 France & England where there’s no FB, Google, whatesoever?


How does Oliver Cromwell react when he’s told he’s only got a couple more years to live?


Ever wondered why Dumas was labelled a Feminist?


Ever wondered where d’Artagnan and his pals came from?


Love action adventure stories? If yes, and you would like these questions answered and to embark upon a journey through 16th Century France all the way to London…find this book on or




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