The 7 Steps to the Real You

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The 7 Steps to the Real You: Author Andy Beveridge


The 7 Steps to the Real You is all about self-improvement. My aim is to help you open the doorway to your true potential. Often people never really understand who they really are, and this means they lose the ability to reach their true potential. I used all my knowledge as a counselling psychotherapist to dig deep into these areas that make us the people we are. My aim is to help people reach their true potential and be open to hidden opportunities.


To understand the true value of your needs is very important. Our basic needs govern what makes us happy or content. Knowing exactly what your needs are and understanding why they are important to you allows you see who you are as a person. For some people, this is like taking off a blindfold for the very first time. Imagine the power of this?


It’s important to embrace self-improvement techniques and to really become the person you are meant to be, you must understand where your belief systems stem from. My intention was to never try and persuade anyone to change their views but to simply understand where they originated. Often, your beliefs are made up from information passed down. Or, gained through other sources such as colleagues or authoritarian sources i.e teachers. By questioning this information, we find out a lot about the areas of our life that is influencing us. Not all of it will be true.


To be able to make the most out of relationships, we not only have to understand ourselves but also understand our partners. By building a database of knowledge about yourself, you become better equipped to do this. Relationships are built on the foundation blocks of honesty and integrity, but the next step is being able to gel the basic needs of your partner with your own. This simple but powerful way of thinking gives you a huge advantage in helping a relationship work.


To understand what you require to make you happy and content is not as simple as some people think. We need to know who we truly are, or we are basically acting the wrong role in life. What makes you content is often hidden by layers of built-up information that often does not even belong to you. Your relationship with money and work are equally important to understand and this is examined in the book.

7 Steps to the Real You

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