5 Reasons to Read Misjump: Author Mark Long


Misjump combines some of the classic elements of golden age SF with a modern twist. There are elements of The Martian in the attention to technical detail. There is a diverse crew. There is a sense of a bigger universe.


Misjump is set in a galaxy where things have gone to hell. The crew of the Sarafina find themselves in a hostile version of the universe and desperately short of resources. They never set out to be heroes. They are people made extraordinary by forces beyond their control.


Don’t like too much fantasy in your SF? Misjump might be for you. There are assumptions made but they are minimal. There is a form of faster than light travel and artificial gravity, but the rest of the tech is based on sound engineering. Laser swords and magic are all well and good but not in this story.


People seem to like it. “Original concepts, realistic dialogue, really excellent characters and a plot worthy of Heinlein”, “Intelligent, gripping Sci-Fi, with interesting characters, a touch of humour and a slight coffee obsession. I found it hard to put down”, “The book was great. The technicality allowed it to be really envisioned and sort of brought to life. My favorite thing was the treatment of Fumi. I think it was absolutely brilliant.”


This is a complex story that takes you from a trader ship down on its luck to a heroic stand for the fate of humanity. Based on reader requests (well, demands in some cases), there will be a sequel as soon as the next book in the Godling series is completed.

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