In the Image of Man

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In the Image of Man: Author Mark Long

Fantasy fiction at its best: Would you know if a small god paid you a visit? Would you trust in the least of miracles or believe in the messages that appear out of the blue on your computer screen? What would it take to make you believe? Funny, thought-provoking and compelling.


It is funny. Well, according to my readers, it is. There is a strong element of gentle satire running through the story, poking fun at the human condition, the police, mental health, the established church and, most of all, a small and very fallible godling called Bob.


It is exciting. It is said that every story should have an element of threat. The end of the world in a fiery asteroid Armageddon surely qualifies. Of course, there is hope but it is a lot to ask of a god with only four believers.


It is a chance to see humanity from a new perspective. The main character learns about people using a combination of experience, the Internet and the Slough public library. This gives him a broad but deeply flawed understanding of how people and the world works.


The characters are perfectly imperfect, protagonists and antagonists both. Ordinary people are made extraordinary when their worlds are changed forever by a visit by the confused but divine. The characters have agency and agendas and disagree. There are no “baddies” but different factions that are all acting for what they think is best. At least some of them are wrong. There is compassion and quiet love and many misunderstandings. To be honest, the characters took on a life of their own during the writing.


It will make books two and three even more enjoyable. In the Image of Man is the first book in a trilogy that follows the main characters through life, death and beyond. This is where we get on the foller-coaster, folks. I hope that you enjoy the ride.


If you enjoy humour, fantasy fiction and a darned good read, you can download a sample of Mark Long’s book here or buy a copy and read it all.  Grab your copy on or

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