From the Scottish Farmhouse Kitchen

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From the Scottish Farmhouse Kitchen. Author Maggie Burns


This book is a compilation of recipes handed down through four generations of my family. Each one has been taken from an inherited pile of lovingly hand-written recipe books, a true family affair. Reading through my grandmother and great-grandmother’s handwriting was truly a joy.

The illustrations contained within are unique and painted by me. I hope that this extra loving touch gives my book a recognisable and distinctive, visual feel.


Each recipe is easy to follow, no unusual or unobtainable ingredients, and simple steps to take. Hints and tips are also included to aid the cook and guide you into adding your own unique twist if you wish. I think that my book is an ideal beginner’s guide to traditional, hearty, family meals.


I’ve created a real flavour of Scotland –  and that means straightforward traditional recipes to follow. From soups to pies and stews, to puddings and sweet treats, there’s a recipe inside for everyone.


This is the first book in the From The Scottish Farmhouse Kitchen series so here’s your chance to extend your pleasure of good Scottish food. The second book has also been published, and more will follow. I hope you enjoy every taste sensation.
From the Scottish Farmhouse Kitchen
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