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We are authors and editors and so, we know just how tough it is to get the word out there about your book. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction or both, you can publish details of your book here with us. If you have taken a look at the home page and the books already published, you will see that we are different. We use highly visual photos to reach out and grab attention and then, we want YOU to tell us why readers should buy your book. You must provide us with 5 reasons – and dig deep. Think about your love for your creation and what kept you tapping away at the keyboard even when you didn’t feel like being creative.

Consider what readers will gain from reading your book. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Will it make them emotional and weep real tears?
  • Will they learn something vital?
  • Will they fall in love with the protagonist and boo and hiss at the antagonist?
  • Will they be so hooked by the clues within your story that they will love unraveling the puzzle?
  • Will they gain great practical skills and be able to use the information in their daily lives?

Categories accepted:

We do not exclude any genre but as we are a visual site and you need to supply us with a photo that matches your book as a feature image, please, no graphic imagery and refrain from submitting bad language in your 5 reasons.


Please send a large image for the feature 1500 x 1000 is acceptable, do not submit less and we will size it accordingly. For the book cover image, this can be much smaller as we will add a thumbnail of the cover to the page also. You can just copy the image of your book cover from Amazon, save and then, attach to the email.


Your book does not have to be on a Kindle Countdown or a free promotion. The idea is just to introduce new readers to your book and to hook their interest in different ways.  The duration of the promotion is a full two weeks and we are going to MARKET THE HELL out of this site daily and as a result, your book will be highly visible for a WHOLE two weeks. Yes, you are likely to gain many new readers.

Each day, the books will go out on Twitter to over 30,000 fans. What a great starting point! We will also publish to Facebook and the Book Bubble page where there are another 13,000 book lovers.

Now that you can see we are serious about 5 Reasons to Read, start creating your own book promotion.

We prefer to receive details 5 days prior to publication on here. Payment for a full 2-weeks will usually be £25 but as part of this promotion, you can have a FULL 2-WEEKS FOR JUST £5. WOW!

(Note: pay in dollars via PayPal if preferred).

Providing the book is published in English, authors from all countries can have a book promo with us.

Note: For this offer, if you wish to BUMP your promotion and extend it for an additional two weeks (before the current promotion expires, you can pay just £10) so, a total of £15 for four weeks of continuous marketing. If the first promotion has finished, future payments are £25.

What’s next?

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