Easy Mindfulness Techniques

Easy Mindfulness Techniques – Your Life. Your Way. Right Now.

Author – Annette Young


I had always considered myself fairly switched on but in reality, I was about as un-mindful as it could get. It was only while writing articles about mindfulness for clients that I suddenly realised that I was distracted for much of the time and was always planning ahead. Writing those articles planted the seed and I started to try to be more mindful as a result. I became fascinated by  this simple but effective concept.

Learning about mindfulness and realising my own distracted lifestyle gave me the nudge to reduce my own erratic thoughts. I stopped multi-tasking as much as possible and focused just on the task at hand and life became easier.  I wanted to write this book because mindfulness made my life more simplistic and it can do the same for you. Yes, it takes a little time but, you notice the changes quite quickly and become less forgetful and your memory improves. That alone has to be worth it, right?


I am a qualified stress management, relaxation and addiction therapist although I no longer provide counselling services but write full-time. I have always been an advocate for meditation but, I was totally amazed how quickly how mindfulness became a part of life – it was seamless.  Meditation helped me to sit quietly and to release stress and tension and to focus on the breath, but I realised that mindfulness enabled me to be present and in the moment throughout the day, something that I had not really done.  It very quickly becomes an integral part of life and it means you truly embrace each second.


I wanted to make this book an easy introduction to mindfulness. I wanted to show the techniques that worked for me. Mindfulness is life-changing but you don’t have to study for hours on end to make mindfulness work for you.  Yes, breathe a sigh of relief here. Mindfulness shouldn’t be a chore either. It’s so good that you will instinctively want to practice more. Start gradually, build up those moments when you can bring your world to a single moment, and become acutely aware of the stillness, the sounds around and your feelings at that time. It’s like pressing the reset button.


This book will help you to let go of the past and to not worry about the future. If you think about the times when you become caught up with past mistakes or, feel the pain of heartbreak or, you feel slighted by someone’s actions or comments and wow, these dark emotions burn away inside you. Maybe you fret about the future or plan so much that you forget to live NOW. Seriously, this book will help.


I share the techniques that has worked for me and you’ll feel calmer, more in control of your life and you won’t react to stressful situations so negatively because you will learn to remain calm, your mind will be clearer and you’ll know how to create space between you and the stressor.

Easy Mindfulness Techniques

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