book promotionWelcome to 5 Reasons to Read the site that helps authors to get the word out their about their books and the site that teases and tantalises readers when they see the latest literary offerings. We are a little different than usual book promotion websites because we go beyond the blurb and we ask the author to share their vision of the book and why they think that you will love their creative offerings.

Author Annette Young

Created by Annette J Beveridge, the editor of Creative1publishing.com, we’ve kept it simple and visual.  You get a taster of the author’s vision – the real reason why they sweated blood and tears over the keyboard and kept going until the end. Then, we have links to buy the book if you are inspired by what you have read. Should you do so, don’t forget to leave a comment under the blurb on here and, leave a review for the author on Amazon.