a very important teapot

Author Steve Sheppard


A Very Important Teapot is the funniest thriller you will read this year, a spy spoof of the highest order. A jolly good romp with a whole host of baddies, secret agents and a bewildered chap at the heart of it trying to make sense of it all. If you want to forget your everyday chores and enjoy a good laugh, this book is for you.” The book has received about 50 similarly positive reviews.


The book has a cover endorsement from comedy writer and actor, Helen Lederer, who is also the founder of the Comedy Women in Print Prize. This is despite the fact that Steve is not a woman. Helen describes the book as “A curiously magical thriller with suburban subterfuge and sparkle.” It has also been described as “Terry Pratchett meets James Bond”


There is a character called Sean MacGuffin. This is a joke (one of many). The definition of a MacGuffin is “a term for a motivating element in a story that is used to drive the plot. It serves no further purpose. It won’t pop up again later, it won’t explain the ending, it won’t do anything except possibly distract you while you try to figure out its significance.” 


The story is set largely in south eastern Australia including a small town genuinely called Yackandandah. Yackandandah has an annual folk music festival, whether you like it or not. The book features a hapless hero, a gorgeous heroine, spies from three different countries, half the Australian underworld and the local police. It also includes Nazi diamonds, a lesson on how to fire a gun (“You point the straight bit with the hole in the end in her direction and pull the triggery thing underneath”), a dog called Dog and a set of jump-leads. However, the teapot itself is mostly peripheral. Or is it?


If you enjoy reading pages and pages of descriptive and evocative prose about picturesque countryside and the local flora and fauna, step away now. A Very Important Teapot is, for the most part, all action.

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